Splish Splash…

25 Mar

No, I’m not talking about bath time…

Yesterday I was doing housework in our bedroom, when I heard a strange noise.  I listened again and realised it was coming from the ensuite (where Harry was playing).  Very quickly the cogs started turning and I realised that there is only one place in the ensuite containing water that Harry can access…  Yes – he was splashing the water in the toilet bowl.  To make it worse, he had dropped his dummy in there, luckily he didn’t manage to get it back out!

Oh well, I guess that is another “first” to cross off our list – and toilet locks to go onto our shopping list!

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One response to “Splish Splash…

  1. Teresa Spencer

    March 26, 2012 at 5:03 am

    Oh well where there is water children will play haha . Just hope you can unlock the toilet in time before you are wet yourself good luck in getting to the toilet in time ???


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