31 Aug

I know I am entering dangerous waters just by mentioning this topic.  However my intention is not to rant on about my personal opinion, it is simply to pose a question:

If a person chooses not to vaccinate their child, and that child is then infected with a disease which would have been prevented or mitigated by the vaccine – does that parent allow the child to be treated by a doctor using modern biomedical treatments/drugs?”

The reason I ask, is because to me, this would seem a little hypocritical.  There are specific requirements to get a drug approved – I don’t personally know every aspect of the process and I am not claiming to be an expert, but it is not a quick or easy process, and there are a wealth of evidence-based research, studies and trials conducted before it is offered to the public.  More information can be found here:

Obviously there are reasons behind people’s choice not to vaccinate – a study of more than 11,000 parents conducted in 2009 showed that approximately 40% of parents (involved in the study) delayed or refused vaccines for their children.  The main reasons for this were that they either did not believe that vaccines were beneficial to the health of their children, or they believed the vaccine was harmful to their child.  The study can be viewed here:

I don’t personally want to get into the argument of whether vaccines contain harmful ingredients, or whether they do or do not have links to autism, or any to other condition or disease.  The issue I have is this: drugs (as opposed to vaccines) can also contain harmful ingredients; so, when a child is experiencing ill health and is in a life threatening position due to a disease with a known vaccine, does a person who has refused their child the “protection” from this exact illness then allow life saving drugs to be administered to their child?  Surely this is hypocritical?  I would love to know (honestly), whether people who decide against vaccines because they believe they are harmful to their children, conduct extensive research before allowing other drugs to be administered to their children during times of illness.

Vaccines don’t necessarily prevent a person from catching  a disease, they teach our body to be able to defend itself against it should we be exposed to the disease during our lifetime – so there are many arguments to be had about the effectiveness of the vaccine and/or the potential severity of the illness had the child had in fact been vaccinated.  My post is not really about that side of things – it is simply a moral question.

If you refuse to vaccinate your child, doesn’t that mean you believe your child should be denied  all medical treatment…?  Or is it a case of wanting to have your cake and eat it too…?

As a footnote – I would like to add that I do realise that people may argue that “other drugs” have not been linked to autism and so it is not a fair argument.  However, just because they haven’t yet, doesn’t mean the won’t be in the future.  Further, and more importantly, the only strong evidence supporting the autism link (by Dr Andrew Wakefield) has been discredited (he was also charged with a number of crimes committed against children during his research) – not by people “saying” it wasn’t true – but by scientists trying to repeat his study (for those not in the know – this is one of the main measures used in science – an experiment must be repeatable).


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5 responses to “Anti-Vax…?

  1. Rachelle

    September 6, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    An interesting question to pose for sure. I don’t vax my children, yet if they were sick enough to need a particular medicine I would not ignore some of the the wonderful leaps in medicine that have been achieved.
    HOWEVER… I do not reach for pamol when my child has a fever, I have researched and taught myself to understand what fevers do and how to help the body deal with the high temperature. I am OK with high temperatures up to 40 – 41 deg, so long as the child is still responsive. It’s not really about how hot they get, the dangerous temperatures are when they spike quickly as that is a sign of an aggressive virus. Temperatuers teach the body to fight off and effectively kill viral bacteria.

    I also don’t give antibiotics, I use natural alternatives.

    I tend to use Dr’s to diagnose, then my Naturopath and common sense to treat, so I guess my answer is a mix of, NO I don’t give drugs to my children, however if it was life threatening and needed in the short term, yes I would. BUT it would all depend on the intensity of the situation and the medicine in question.

    Cancer is a scary topic, pediatric cancers especially, and should my child be diagnosed with Cancer I would not want to go down the road of Chemotherapy and the cocktail of chemicals that is the traditional cancer therapy, because I don’t believe in HEALTH THROUGH CHEMICALS.
    I would be inclined towards Ayurvedic treatment for such a disease and accupuncture, but sadly, I would not be allowed to do this. The medical profession would take me to court and get interim custody of my child and force feed them Chemo against my wish anyway, and this very concept is where medicine comes unstuck in my humble opinion. When something is FORCED upon someone in the name of the greater good, or to save a persons life, I feel medicine has over stepped its place within a persons life. the medical oath’s opening statement is…”First do no harm” and I don’t think one single human being alive on this planet who is old enough to respond to the question “do you think the medical profession uphold that Hippocratic oath” the answers would all unequivocally be “NO”!

    So what I’m saying is if I had a car accident or my child needed some wondrous shot of something that was PROVEN and had no side effects, and was non harmful, yes I would give it to my child… if however the side effects were “it’s going to get worse before it gets better” or “we can give this a try but we cant say it’s going to work” then I would run screaming for the hills and find an alternative.. and there are many.

    I think as a collective whole we have forgotten our roots, our body’s amazing way of self healing and how the mind, body, soul connection is the beginning and end of ease or dis-ease. The rate of caesarian sections these days is proof that women have been DUPED into thinking that they DON’T KNOW BEST anymore!!! This phenomenon started after world war two, where Dr’s became such a huge part of the collective consciousness, due to so many being ill and infirmed during those bleak hard years. Prior to this time, the family Dr worked with the mother/parents/heads of the households, to maintain good health. They did not arrogantly walk into the middle of someone’s illness and decree themselves God, or worse still, insist at 6 weeks old that there is one way and one way only and quickly have your shot please as we have nearly reached our bonus pay out target.

    Vaccination Science is FLAWED to the core, and the medical profession KNOW it… yet because Big Pharma make gazillions and gazillions of dollars main-lining their wares into our lives as much as possible and whenever possible, taking down the financial pillars of the industry would be HARDER than banning petrol consumption, mass farming, and stopping the war in the Middle East all rolled into one.

    To be honest with you, I’d rather be force feed 50,000 cigarettes one after the other, than take vaccination shot, and I’d rather be tutted, glared or sworn at for not vaxing my kids than risking one single minute of their health with the delicious cocktail of chems.

    It’s my call and I’m just so super glad I live in a country where as a mother, woman and human being that has a degree of choice, I can exercise that choice….still… just!!!! If I was an African mother who had to accept a shot into my child’s arm in order to get a food parcel, I WOULD!!! But the point of my disgust in the medico-pharma industry is exactly that… the FORCED nature of their arrogant, aggressive money making agenda makes me cringe just thinking about it, and that they are APPROVED means nothing… So was Thalidomide. Many palms are crossed in order to get things approved… it’s certainly not about best practice!

    Just the other day I saw a post on FB asking how many people in the medical profession were anti vax and WHY… the response was overwhelming, the reasons were all the same, we have seen it (the very real dangers and risks and the falout form a reaction), we know it’s not effective, and we refuse to be a part of it… Some are allowed to call someone else in to give the vax’s, some have left their careers because they feel so strongly… and when front line trained medical people are revolting against vaccinations, something is happening wouldn’t you say?

    My answer to your post is longer than your post and clearly I need to learn how to make the same points with less words… in time I’m sure I will, but to directly answer your question about people being hypocritical, the world is FULL of danger at every turn, but I wouldn’t knowingly put my child in a direct path of danger, close my eyes, cross my fingers and hope for the best.. I don’t run to the Dr for any synthetic remedy I can find for every ailment of my child, BUT if my child had a condition or die-ease in their body that could be helped with chems and the research was there that it didn’t cause further damage, I would give it. and SURE if the risks were so small and the quality of life would improve considerably, I would weigh it up, research it fully and make a call.

    Do I sweepingly trust medicine, NO, do I think I’m a hypocrite because I would use medicine at times No, but it could be argued “Probably”, do I give a shit if I’m seen as a hypocrite, NO… would I do anything in my mental and physical power to protect the health and wellbeing of my child, OF COURSE, do I really think for even a split second that I maybe should have vaxed, NO NO NO!!!

    Because I don’t vax I am very aware of my children’s health, and I act and react accordingly, I have trained myself in the things my Great Grandmothers Mum would have known and had at her disposal, and knowing my Great Grandmother, I’m sure she would have been as staunch as I am when it comes to making a stand against mega conglomerates, after all she stood up to her husband in an era when doing so could have resulted in her being cast from her husband’s home, left homeless and would have resulted in poor health or worse for her and her children. Luckily for me my Great Grandfather chose to compromise with his wife behind closed doors and trust his gut instinct over what society told him to do…. not unlike my stand against Vax 🙂

  2. Rachelle

    September 6, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Side note… not that we are getting into ingrediants… I just wanted to share that my littlest child who is now 2 is allergic to egg white. We discovered this at 7 months old when I gave her scrambled egg for the first time. We ended up in hospital that night as she had a scarey scarey reaction to it… later I found out that egg whiltes are a comon carrier in vaccines…. simple, organic old egg white… ask me what would have happend to my child at 6 weeks old if she had main-lined egg white in her vax shot!

    And what is so wrong with having cake and eating it… life isn’t black and white, got a headache, well too bad cause you don’t vax? Need surgery, sorry, you dont trust us, go home? I don’t trust airplanes or pilots or air traffic controllers either but I still fly 🙂

    I personally don’t think it’s one way or the other, I think it’s each thing as it presents itself, weigh up risks and make a decision based on which bridge is being crossed at the time, take what you need from the medical shelves, but only take what you need and when you need it. Whats the point in being doused in the stuff from 6 weeks of age when it may not ever happen and the treatment for these things is less harmful than the prevetion “attempt”.

    • cpkidsmountainclimbers

      April 29, 2013 at 9:10 pm

      Apologies for the late reply – I just wanted to clarify – my post wasn’t about non-vaxers avoiding all biomedical treatments, only those which are used to treat the specific conditions that they weren’t vaccinated against.

  3. Daryl

    April 28, 2013 at 10:55 pm

    We don’t vax or use a Doctor. We use natural treatments and remedies if needed. Also – check out the recent news re: Dr Andrew Wakefield – discredited does not mean disproven, look at who discredited him and how they were funded. The British medical journal is being sue’d for their lies about him and Italian and an American courts have ruled that MMR does cause Autism and awarded millions to children…

  4. Sue

    April 29, 2013 at 8:57 pm

    I think you should find Doctor Wakefield on YouTube and listen to him. You will find out two things. 1/ He is not anti vax. His argument is that vaccinations should not be combined as greater bad reactions are occuring with the combination shots.
    2/ Listen to him describe how the MMR vaccine was approved in the UK. Then go back to your statement on requirements for safety of vaccines.


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