Welcome to the world of childcare…

29 Apr


After having one speech therapist hint several times (and then blatantly outright say) that my son needed to go to childcare, I bit the bullet and decided to look into it.  Her concern was valid – most of the kids he socialises with are not “normally developing children”, and so he was missing out on learning how “normal” children socialise.

baby nappy1   The following day I made an appointment to visit the local childcare centre.  The visit started well with Harry seeming to make friends in his first five minutes of playing – until he got bored and walked away.  Unfortunately when he walked away, the group of boys were able to see the top of his nappy (diaper) poking out from under his shorts.  One of the boys was bigger than the rest, and seemed like the leader – he promptly started shouting “look at the poo bum baby wearing a nappy.  Get him!!”.  And with that, the four boys ran to where my son was quietly minding his own business and started hitting him.

Whilst struggling not to burst into tears, I got the attention of the teacher – who was oblivious to what was going on – and she talked to the boys.  Harry, bless him, had no idea what was going on, or that the boys were being mean.  He walked up to the big mean boy, put his arms around him, and hugged him – and wouldn’t let go.  Stunned, eventually, the other boy returned the hug.

To make it even better, one of the four boys came over to Harry and I and said “I wear a nappy at bedtime”.  Nice to see he wanted Harry to feel better.  daycare_188193901

If only the world could follow the example of children!

That was a month ago.  Harry had his first day in childcare today, and loved it (once he got over me leaving) – needless to say, I chose a different centre…

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One response to “Welcome to the world of childcare…

  1. Bron Sprogowski

    July 9, 2013 at 11:51 am

    Bless him, beautiful boy x


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